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Niemann Pick Type C

strong>Ride in honor of and memory of all the NPC children as we Chase the Cure for Niemann Pick Type C

Niemann Pick Type C is an inherited progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disorder classified as a Lysosomal storage disease. Cells are unable to receive proper instructions to recycle cholesterol and lipids resulting in a devastating accumulation. NPC is often referred to as childhood Alzheimer’s due to parallels with progression and death of Purkinje cells in the brain. The severity of the mutation dictates when the disease will onset. It can be as early as infancy and as late as young adult hood, with most cases presenting during the elementary school years as developmental delay or decline in ability. Later onset is often initially mistaken for dementia or psychiatric disorders. Seizures are common. Patients eventually suffer complete neurological decline and death is often the result of respiratory complications.