Inclusion Body Myositis

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For the first time, inclusion body myositis (IBM) will be represented this year by a team in the Million Dollar Bike Ride. We are excited to make the most of this opportunity to increase awareness and raise funds for IBM research. Every donation helps. Whether you can give $10, $25, $100, or $500, your gift will be valuable and appreciated.

What is inclusion body myositis?

Inclusion body myositis is a rare disease that destroys the muscles of middle-aged and older adults. The cause is unknown, and there is no effective medical treatment.

Weakness of the leg and finger muscles, as well as trouble swallowing, are common in early IBM. Typical first symptoms include falling, trouble climbing stairs and getting up from chairs, and weak grip. Most people with IBM eventually use wheelchairs, and some become unable to move their arms or legs, requiring full-time caregivers. Swallowing is often affected, causing choking, and it might be necessary to eat pureed foods or receive nutrition through a feeding tube.

For more information about inclusion body myositis, visit the Cure IBM website:

Cure IBM is a non-profit organization dedicated to inclusion body myositis education, awareness, and research. Cure IBM does not collect donations, but it does encourage donations to organizations that fund inclusion body myositis research.