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Team CHM’s Journey to Save Sight
Facing a challenge takes courage, facing that same challenge for the benefit of others takes heart.

Team CHM athletes are racing to end blindness caused by Choroideremia (CHM).

CHM is a rare genetic eye disease that leads to vision loss. Thousands of people in the United States are being robbed of their vision each day as they face CHM, which has no cure. Yet through the efforts of Team CHM and a number of leading researchers – there is finally hope.

Today the first treatment for CHM is being tested in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. This treatment could halt vision loss, saving the sight of people impacted by CHM. This treatment could help launch similar treatments in many other blinding eye conditions, potentially helping to preserve the vision of millions of people.

Team CHM racers have a major impact on research and will help bring the world’s first treatment for blindness caused by CHM to the thousands of people who need it.

DONATE NOW to support the Team CHM athletes racing in the Million Dollar Bike Ride!  You can make a donation to any of their pages, and please share this link with your friends on social media and by email. Together we can cure CHM!

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