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The LAM Foundation has partnered with the UPenn Center for Orphan Diseases through the Million Dollar Bike Ride for five consecutive years. In that time, The LAM Foundation’s Easy Breathers Cycling Team raised more than $520,000, for LAM research. In 2018, our goal is to raise another $60,000.

We can do this again with your support:

  • For every dollar we raise up to $30,000, it will be matched by UPenn, doubling the impact!
  • As a result of our efforts to date, eight well-known LAM researchers received pilot grants to continue critical LAM research!
  • 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

LAM is a progressive and rare lung disease that primarily affects women during the prime of their lives. With LAM, a patient’s lungs are invaded by mutant smooth muscle cells, which dissolve healthy lung tissue and replace it with innumerable air-filled holes or cysts. Debate is ongoing about the links between LAM and cancer.

LAM is often misdiagnosed, undiagnosed or under-diagnosed. Early symptoms may resemble asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis. Currently, 1,400 American women and 3,500 globally have been diagnosed. Researchers estimate that at least 250,000 women worldwide have LAM, the vast majority of whom remain undiagnosed.

A LAM diagnosis once meant certain lung failure leading to a lung transplant or death. Now, LAM patients’ outlook often centers on the word “hope.” In great part, this is due to The LAM Foundation’s strategy of “relentless collaboration” with researchers, clinicians, patients and government health agencies around the world.

The LAM Foundation, based in Cincinnati, OH, is working on a national basis to enhance the care of LAM patients as well as fostering collaboration among scientists, clinicians and patients to inspire innovative research efforts. Our mission is to “urgently seek safe and effective treatments, and ultimately a cure for LAM through advocacy and the funding of promising research.”

THANK YOU!! Your support moves research faster toward a cure. Ask your friends and family to join in and help fund- a – cure for LAM! Let’s make this the best year ever.

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